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SILLAGE (2023)



A sillage implies movement, leaving a scent trail. Scent, a medium that stands for connection and distance. I started investigating the scent trail in and around the protected river area the Vreugderijkerwaard. To provide insight into this phenomenon, I developed a scent installation with 10 poetically interpreted fragrances. Fragrances affect our atmosphere and reveal its non-dimensional properties of our world. Plants are capable of transferring information through pheromone-like odorants, creating a secret language between plants, trees and insects. The sillage defines the river area, creating invisible paths. Focusing on the scents around us can provide new insight into the life cycles of nature, which can help us build and develop a thoughtful and sensitive relationship with our environment.

Sillage, Groepstentoonstelling Harculo, onderdeel van het programma Nevengeul van de IJsselbiënnale 2023

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