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Luchtbel (Air Bubble) is an artistic performance based on the smell of intimacy. Bodily odours are the essence of a person. We cry, bleed, drink, transpire through our pores and caress the hair of a loved one which is all accompanied by the unique scent of human interaction. I am fascinated by how bodily odours translate to our amygdala affecting our emotions and memories. In search of a translation of this phenomenon I researched which bodily odours humans have in common and work on a poetic interpretation of these human features. In this performance, five fragrances were incorporated: the smell of tears of joy, a sensory experience that could be described as slightly salty, a hint of fruity, fluid and soft with an earthy base. The smell of bleeding, a scent that gives a tingling sensation, metallic and citrusy. The smell of maternal milk which has facets of maltol combined with milky aspects. The curious smell of skin that can smell fruity in the sun like peaches, coconut, musky. The smell of hair, which has animalic, musky facets with a hint of indole.

During the performance, the fragrances were diffused in the air, accompanied with a short poem for every scent that is being used. The viewer is soaked into the air bubble filled with our curious bodily odours comparable to a tropical rainforest. 

The viewer becomes aware of their environment, the air they are breathing and the sense of self-scent.

Materials used: clay, metal, vintage parachute, fabric, ceramics, dry ice and fragrances. 

Selected BY SAMBIQ for the cultural event SPOREN october 2023

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